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Hospitality hostesses

Positioned at the reception or in strategic points with the task of welcoming visitors and providing indicative information of various types, they are often the first image the company wants to offer.

Their presence inside stands, sales points, restaurants and other public facilities may have various purposes:

Welcoming and making clients feel comfortable; Confirming, sorting and approaching visitors; Providing essential information on products, services, on the company and its location; Assisting and guiding visitors through rooms; Offering beverages to guests; Managing the cloakroom.

Considering their role of representation, they may be dressed in items of a specific brand or they may be wearing uniforms with the company’s colours or logo. Therefore they have an excellent standing, a way of being courteous and a strong attitude when in contact with the public. Hostesses reflect the level of prestige of the brand or of the company they represent, hence they have to indicate the status also from an aesthetic point of view. Given the international character of most events, this type of hostess is often able to speak several languages.

Trade show models

Thanks to their model look, they have a mainly aesthetic role, and their presence has the purpose to make the client’s image as attractive as possible and to focus the public’s attention on it.

Highly ranked companies on the market need to communicate their standing using Image Hostesses also for welcoming purposes. Image Hostesses providing services inside fashion stores wear outfits from the collection, and they represent the face of the brand. There are often demands even from the field of sports or motoring events (see Paddock and Umbrella girls)

Conference hostesses

Experienced Hostesses with a perfect personal standing. Besides representing the promoting company’s image, they can perform organisational tasks.

Welcoming visitors, offering information, language support, exchanging gallantries and assistance to speakers are some of the features which it is possible to ask from a conference hostess.

Hosts - stewards

Male models and boys with a beautiful appearance who can be used either as an image or with operational and organisational roles in events and promotions.

Hostesses with language skills

Hostesses and Stewards able to speak fluently one or several foreign languages useful in events intended for international audiences.


Experienced Hostesses able to translate simultaneously from one language into another. Interpreters prepare themselves from time to time how to best assist the client in its specific context providing support also in crucial stages of its activity, such as negotiations and commercial agreements abroad.

Promo staff

Boys and girls used for purposes such as action marketing, flyering, promotion of products and services. They can meet the client’s requirements in the most different ways, either for aesthetic or professional requisites.

Paddock and umbrella girls

Beautiful and eye-catching girls, even with a provocative look, who are used for various purposes in the sphere of motoring sport events.


As a supreme expression of beauty, models are used, besides runway shows, photo shooting sessions and other fashion-related events, also for all different types of events. From reception to operational tasks, from action marketing to interpretation, they can cover any role, also based on their skills; a striking appearance is added value.

Assistants and salespersons

Large companies investing a lot in their image require personnel with aesthetic standards which represent their reference target, even in more operational roles. In Events, furthermore, there is often need for temporary support staff contributing to activities in contact with the public or for back office.

Bartenders, catering
assistants, service staff

Boys and girls able to manage a bar and refreshments corner, to distribute food and beverages at an event, exhibition or conference.

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